Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Lent begins tomorrow. I always try to make a meaningful sacrifice for Lent. It's not always easy. I feel that it needs to be something I will miss so that I will be reminded of Christ's sacrifice often during this period. And it should be something that I rejoice to have again at Easter. The typical sacrifices, red meat, chocolate, other food items, usually leave me feeling shallow, like it won't be enough for me.

But this year I find myself knowing that TV is the thing I have to give up for lent. I really don't want to, but it's been at the front of my mind for the past 2 weeks. Nothing else seems to compare. So for me, starting tomorrow, there will be no Boston Legal, no Project Runway (the agony! I'll miss the final episode), no Academy Awards (even though I've been in a mad dash to see as many nominated movies as I can), and no (big gulp here) What Not To Wear. I have run the gamut on the TV spectrum, from being to poor to have one, to banning the evil technology from the house, to falling in love with all it has to offer. As I am currently in the loving it phase, I am sure this sacrifice will hold it's weight this year. Pray for me folks. Tomorrow the ashes....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Can't Hold On To Them Forever

I created this piece yesterday as I was reflecting on motherhood. It really conveys how I was feeling. (And how I still feel.) I like the way the hand is symbolic of holding and yet it is also reminiscent of the myriad of projects created by small children in which they trace their hands. And I like the way the little mirrors echo the Madonna and Child; I love that you can quite literally see yourself in the art. Hopefully, other mothers, will see themselves figuratively as well.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Project Runway

I am addicted to the show Project Runway. I can't get enough. I love to see what the challenge is and what sort of drama develops as the designers try to meet the deadlines. As an artist, I find it inspiring. I truly am a nosy person, and reality TV makes it so easy! Santino is one of the designers this season. He is the opposite of Coco Channel, the minimalist designer. Instead, Santino adds and adds and adds until you think it's impossible to add anything more and then he adds again. This collage is was inspired by his design style. I just couldn't help myself. Santino, this one's for you!


Many of you know that we have for years shared a family bed. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it was clearly what our child needed. My parents were certainly not happy with it, but the more I researched it, the more evidence I found that it was actually a good and healthy thing. Mostly, our culture has decided that it is important for babies and children to sleep alone and therefore we encourage them to do so. And secretly, I was glad to hear it. I love that we all have some time together, safe and cozy. We established a rule with Hayes as he got bigger and our bed seemed to shrink: He would start the night in his own bed and if he woke up and needed some company, then he was welcome to come in and join us.

So I have mixed feelings about Hayes's recent development. Tonight was the fifth night in a row that he stayed in his own bed all night. He has never had a string this long, ever. I love it that he's not scared and feels comfortable knowing he can be with us if he needs it. But I am sad that I haven't heard his little footsteps pattering down the hall at night this week. It doesn't help that Richard is away and the bed is bigger and emptier than ever.

My Aunt called this morning around 3:30 to let us know that a new little Lahti was born: Matthew Christopher. We weren't expecting him for another couple of weeks. It was such fabulous news! She was so excited to be a grandma and I was so excited that Chris is a dad -- he has waited a long time for this. Don't tell Hayes (or my folks), but after that phone call I couldn't sleep, so I crawled in bed with him for just a little bit. He stayed asleep, but I needed a little warm fuzzy from him. He's growing up -- it's really happening.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Metro Paris

This is an altered book spread that I just finished for a Paris book I am doing. I really love it. It's possibly my best. I should start teaching this again....