Monday, December 31, 2007

After A Long Hiatus...

I've been absent from the blog world for a long time. I got a new job at Kohl's, and that, coupled with the holidays, has completely hijacked my time lately. I finally have the luxury of some time to reflect after the departure of our last holiday guests. 

I can't stop thinking about an acquaintance of mine who, between my last blog post and this one, has discovered that she not only has cancer, but has 3 different kinds of cancer. It makes me so incredibly sad for her. How can one person be so riddled with disease? How is it that such an amazing mom and wife and business woman can be staring down such an ugly and unforgiving disease this early in her life? How is she dealing with this, and what can she possibly say to her 3 young children?

She starts chemo in a couple days. Her surgery won't be until this summer. I can't imagine the long haul she has in front of her. Her community has been very supportive. Still, I feel so helpless to do anything significant. Delivering meals and running errands is helpful, but really; she has cancer and a husband and 3 kids. And of course, I can't help feeling guilty that I am just so glad it's not me. (Hayes woke up with pink eye this morning and it wore me out just to take him to the urgent care clinic and the pharmacy this afternoon. Please.) I just don't know how she will manage, how anyone in her shoes could manage.