Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scrapbook Layout #1003

Could I be getting back into a groove? Hmm....

Happy Birthday To Me

So my husband knows me, really well. And he knows exactly what this girl wanted for her birthday this year: a zoom lens for my Nikon DX40. I am falling in love with my camera all over again! Check out these photos from the sidelines yesterday. (Our boy is #81.)

I just love it! AND I can't believe how much I enjoy watching these football games. I mean, honestly, it's not like the 8 and 9 year olds are experts in the game by any stretch. But they are so fun to watch. And there is nothing like seeing your kid make a great play!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

When It Rains...

Rain. It's a rare commodity in these parts. We're way below the norm and our poor garden is so sad. So today, when I heard the rain outside, my heart soared. Never mind that my headache was a combination of the weather and muscle tension. It was good to have the rain. And then I heard the sound of the sprinkler against the sliding glass door. I heard the the neighborhood kids giggling and screaming and thought it was delightful that they were having so much fun in the rain. It was about time.

And then I heard the sound again. It was coming from the garage. I opened the door to find my child with the hose in hand drenching the other kids in the garage. I was stunned. Who does that?!? The neighbor kids made themselves scarce with a quickness. After chewing my son up and spitting him back out, we assessed the damages together. Half the garage was soaked; some of my art work, some antique furniture, all the sporting equipment, the new crib, him, all of it wet. I was overwhelmed. How could he have thought this was ok?!?

My head was throbbing, my heart was aching and I saw my entire week vanishing into this oblivion of garage cleaning damage control. I came inside to throw some dinner in the oven and calm down. I looked at the dog and screamed, "Can it get any worse?" She promptly threw up. Apparently she ate some pasta with red sauce at some point today. Perfect.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Must Listen Article

I'm a huge fan (and supporter) of National Public Radio. You know, the sort of dedicated listener who won't turn it off even during the fund drive. So last night, when I heard this story I knew I needed to post it here, so the rest of you could hear it too. Just click on this link and when you get there, click on the Listen To This Story Button. It's so true!

(My favorite part is about the chickens.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scrapping Again

I did manage to get to some scrapbooking this week! (After a full 9 months off the grid - ack!) I am learning the differences between Photoshop and Elements. Not so hard, but just enough to be a bit frustrating. Nevertheless, I am pleased that I got this layout, with one of my favorite pictures of all time, finished! Huzzah!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy Little Bee

It's been an exhausting week around here, at least for the pregnant lady. On Monday I decided that whatever else happened, I needed to can some applesauce for the coming winter. Upon finding only 6 apples in the 'fridge (have I mentioned how much I am loving apples right now?), I hopped in the truck and headed for the local orchard.

Upon arriving I found not only 3 varieties of apples I had to have, but also a bushel of #2 peaches. These are the ones that drop, get bruised, don't look just right. Well I couldn't just leave them there now, could I? So I picked them up too.

Needless to say, my week has consisted of making applesauce, canning applesauce, making peach puree, turning it into peach butter, and canning said peach butter. Had I had a bit more energy, I might have been able to sweeten the peach butter, but as it is, it's strictly the fruit and some spices; a bit sweet and tart all at the same time. Which actually will be nice for the two people in the house who can't have sugar. The rest of us can always add it in if necessary. And I swear by the crock pot. That makes the entire "butter" experience so much easier.

And I have been extraordinarily tired from the entire experience. I needed a couple of days just to veg in order to catch up with myself. I'm glad to have finally got some canning in though. We'll see just how long those jars of applesauce really last!

Friday, September 03, 2010

De-Stashing IV

Before my fateful yarn-buying-spree, I was able to create this lovely little sweater from my stash of yarns. (Baby knitting really is a great way to use up those odd balls of yarn.)

This is done in Berroco Comfort - and even though I tend to be a yarn snob, this Acrylic/Nylon blend is so soft, you would never know it's not a natural fiber. The pattern is the Inca-Dincadoo sweater by Sarah Keller, and it's all in garter stitch which makes it super easy. And I used the buttons from Grandmom's stash; I'm sure they came off a blazer of Gramps's at some point.

The sweater clearly needs blocking, but I was so anxious to share I thought I'd post it anyway. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

And I Was Being So Good, Too

Ah, the allure of new yarn sucked me in and down the rabbit hole! It's not like I need the yarn. In fact, I still have a substantial stash to work through. But in the end, I discovered a new yarn shop in Plainfield, Nomad Yarns, and they had the most adorable book of baby patterns (which I need like I need a hole in my head) and the very yarn called for in the pattern. So I purchased them both to make a cabled baby vest.

Then, my regular shop, Village Yarn Shop, sent out an e-mail that all the cotton and summer yarn was going on sale. I tell you, it's a conspiracy! Of course, I had to go up there and get some supplies for baby knitting, because there's nothing quite so perfect as Blue Sky Organic Cotton for a baby. Of course I also picked up two other cottons. Come on, they were on sale. Oh, and I also signed up for a class to make these slippers (which the Yarn Harlot was nuts about - and rightly so) because they would make such great Christmas gifts. (I keep telling myself that, anyway. Let's be honest; they will most likely wind up in my own closet.)

Ah well, I slipped off my yarn diet. I suppose everyone drops a stitch now and again.....

De-Stashing III

Still using up that stash of yarn! Here are some future Christmas gifts that will be added to the gift larder:

Still thinking about felting the red one....