Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amy's Own Sock Club

So a girl can collect a lot of yarn. Especially a sock-knitting girl. It's really easy. Especially with socks. Because you only need one skein of yarn to make a pair of socks. And when you see that a beautiful, soft, squishy yarn is on sale in a color you don't have a pair of sock in yet, well . . . you get the picture.

As such, I seem to have collected enough yarn to knit nine pairs of socks (and that's not counting the two pair - that's right, two pair - that are currently on my needles). This being the case, I've concocted my own sock club (inspired by the Yarn Harlot). I've paired each yarn with a pattern and packaged them all up so I can just grab a bag and go. Now, since I have a very accident-prone, investigatory, one-year-old, I may not be able to manage the traditional one pair a month schedule. I figure, once I'm done with one pair, I'll pickup and start the next. I can at least count on a couple nap-times a week, right? It's a possibility. And in the end, I'll have 11 new pairs of socks to wear. And I'm telling ya, nothing beats a great pair of hand-knit socks. Nothing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40 for 40: Month 4

So it was a little crazy this month with all the candy making, but I'm still making progress on that 40 for 40 list. Here's where it stands:

  • Yoga Classes Taken: 11
  • Scrapbook Pages Uploaded: 61
  • Pintrest Ideas Completed: 37
  • The knee socks are slow going:

             (But they are going to look AWESOME when they are done!)

  • My Amy Quilt top has been completed; ready to figure out the next step.
  • I went on a date with RJH for his birthday.
  • I went mushroom hunting twice - it was a bust both times. It's been a strange season so far.
  • And I finally got my file drawers organized. 
Not too shabby for a busy month!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Great Candy Making Adventure Review

I am proud to say, I did it. Well, there was one candy variety I didn't make, but that is because I already had so much I knew it wouldn't get eaten.

I made:

Salted Caramels - so delicious and easy. These will definitely make it into the Christmas present rotation.
Gumdrops - as you can read here, I loved them and they were yummy! I let them cure for a week. It was a good call.
Chocolate Dipped Oreos - 'nough said. So, so good.
Chocolate Pretzel Sticks - also good
Caramel Filled Chocolate Eggs - Really good. Absolutely worth doing again, but trying with a bit of cinnamon, lavender syrup, orange essence, coconut...mmmm.
Chocolate Bunny Pops - these were just so-so.

The best part? I didn't have to worry about my baby getting ahold of anything nutty (except his relatives, of course), and everyone found something they liked. If you have the urge, I highly recommend candy making. Most people think you worked really hard and the compliments feel pretty damn good.

I used my Silhouette machine to make these darling carrots (that were the perfect house for the gumdrops). I also used it for the little blue bunny box in the photo above. I even found foil wraps (in the candy making aisle!) for the chocolate eggs.

Happy Easter, Easter Bunny. Bawk, bawk!!