Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Re-fashioning becomes just Fashioning

I have become quite interested lately in the idea of refashioning clothing. I have all too much of it and hate the thought of going to get more when there is so much in my closet. But let’s face it, we all need a wardrobe update now and again. Enter refashioning.

The more I sew, the more I feel the need to have the right tools. I suppose, like anything else, having the right tools makes the job so much more enjoyable. And while trying to refashion old clothes into new, I’ve come to the realization that I really could use a dress form. And may I just say, my dress form has changed my sewing world! I no longer have to ask for help pinning and re-pinning clothing on my body.

This is the current refashioning that I am doing:

I loved this hand-painted organic cotton once upon a time, but the clothing styles are completely out dated and don’t fit anymore. Problem is, I don't know enough about clothing construction to actually make this work. Naturally the blog I saw the idea on doesn't really have a tutorial. And right now, this top needs a big FAIL label across it. I was hoping to have it done to show of during Spring Top Week. That will not be happening. Instead, I have started a different top, using a pattern, and I hope to figure out from that how to refashion this. Only time will tell. At the very least I will have a top for spring that fits my body. That alone is almost enough to make me happy . . . . almost.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Plumbing Caddy

We recently installed a new kitchen faucet. And by we, I mean my husband and my father. (I poured the wine, opened the beers, and curled up with my knitting.) My dad used to be a pipe fitter many moons ago and when I innocently (really) asked how we could fix the leaky kitchen faucet, the project quickly mushroomed into replacing the entire thing. (Trust me, we tried less costly options prior to the replacement.)

I should also mention that my son got in on the action. My son has this incredible ability to connect a new idea to an experience or idea with which he is familiar. While I sit knitting I overhear my child say, “Papa, it’s like I’m your plumbing caddy. I hold the light which is like the golf club and you do the work like a golfer would.” My father explained that there is an actual name for that job – an apprentice. Hayes got it right away, but I think I’ll be asking for my plumbing caddy from now on.

As the job became more involved, I realized that I was missing a photo opportunity. I grabbed the camera and snuck in to snap this adorable picture.

When Hayes saw the flash go off he turned his head a bit and said to his Papa, “Just act natural.” Indeed. This is our natural life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We’ve been busy alright

Much has been happening in the Confessions house as of late. You’d never know it from the blog silence, but we’ve been quietly humming along. Most of what we’ve been up to is a work in progress, so there have been no fantastic photos to pass along. Here is a quick list of what’s been keeping us busy:

  • A New Kitchen Faucet
  • Knitting: Dolly Sox, Sweater of Many Colors, Super Scarf, Fern Back Sox, and a Market Bag/Tote
  • Digi-scrapping last July 4th (finally done!)
  • Refashioned Top
  • Farmers Marketing
  • Planting: Onions, beets, peppers, chil├ęs
  • PEO: PCE grant business

More to follow in the next few days….

Friday, April 09, 2010

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Going Back To School

It's official - I'm going back to school. I am currently working as a note taker at Ivy Tech, and I've had a taste of the design classes there. I have always fancied myself a life-long learner. And I've worked in many different jobs in my short life, including campus ministry, event planning, teaching, and running my own small art business. As an artist, I've taught myself all but the basics I learned in high school. Getting my teaching degree left little room to pursue art.

So now I am going to be an Ivy Tech student learning the ropes of graphic design. I'm registered for two classes this summer and two in the fall, and honestly, I can't wait! I am really looking forward to having the interaction with other artists and getting the experience of learning these programs in and out. Hopefully I'll be just as excited once I'm in the thick of it. Only time will tell...

Monday, April 05, 2010

What's Fun for Some...

Today we took Hayes and his grandparents to the IMA for a stroll along the grounds. While the grownups had a good time - in fact a GREAT time, Hayes, well, struggled. Here are a couple of my favorite snapshots from the afternoon.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Virgin Harvest Update

Status report on the new garden items:

1. dug up one of the peas to be sure they were germinating. They are. Still no sign up them topside.

2. Lettuce patch is re-fenced and planted with first lettuce crop (it will become the melon patch in a month or two, when the lettuces are about finished.)

3. Crops now in the ground include: spring onions, storage onions, radishes, kale, spinach, lettuce (little river blend - no idea what will be coming up), and the afore mentioned peas, snap peas & carrots.

4. Still no sign of the shallots or the onion plants in the mail (I will be calling them later today - the seed companies, not the actual vegetables).

5. I purchased asparagus crowns to add to the "virgin" part of our harvest. We like to keep it interesting around here!