Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Naming of Things

Hayes has been so fun for me to be around this year. I keep remembering what Elaine said about a year ago, when I uttered something similar - "Just wait till 4. I thought I loved three, but I adore 4!" He is so much more self sufficient (which comes with it's own I-can-do-it battles) and even more verbal than before (we carefully choose our "at home words"), if such a thing is possible.

In that vein, he has started naming his stuffed toys. It used to bother me that he wasn't interested in them, even in naming them -- I wonder why that is? But never fear; Hayes has named many more of them to date. Please note, none of Hayes's brilliant names can compare to my niece Eleanor's doll Container (she just liked the way it sounded). Nevertheless, these are our new-found friends:

Christopher Bear -- who was the only named friend last year, named in honor of Hayes himself, make no mistake.

Uncle Pepper Bunny -- who has his own wonderful blog entry explanation

Jumpy -- what else? His stuffed frog puppet that actually croaks

Lovey -- not really a stuffed friend, but a cricket we found in our kitchen (not that I was in love with finding it mind you)

Tiki Waki the Polynesian Snowman -- I know, it's too good to be true isn't it? I think it's my personal favorite at the moment.

And I thought it was tough naming each collage. I should have been asking Hayes all this time. He's so amazing.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i love catching up on your life through your blog.

i think tiki waki is my favorite too.

thanks for stopping by this week. it was so good to see you!