Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Teacher Appreciation a la PreK

Today, Hayes decided he could be brave and be dropped off at school. This involves me driving him up to the entrance, a random teacher helping him with the one tough car seat buckle (which can be embarrassing with a 5-point harness), and him running into the school. Usually he needs me (or daddy) to walk in with him and watch as he does his morning routine. Perhaps the fact that it was raining this morning helped him to be brave.

We pulled up to the entrance and his very own classroom teacher was there. Perfect! She helped him with the car seat buckle and apologized for it being a little uncomfortable. Hayes said, "That's ok, my GG is really out of shape." She looked at me as she said to Hayes, "Oh, is it?" I could barely control my laughter as I explained that GG is short for Great Grandma and she can't get the buckle undone either; it's too hard for her.

What must it be like to try and interpret these kids all day? God bless the teachers!

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