Monday, May 07, 2007

Garden Weekend!

So we made some large changes in the backyard this weekend. Not only did we plant our church garden at the Gunns on Sunday, but we spent all of Saturday in the backyard with Hayes and Jezzy. Richard, God bless that man, dug 8 very large and difficult holes to house our new roses! For those of you who are unaware, the soil around here should not be called soil at all. It's clay. It's such hard clay, that Richard had to use the sledge hammer on the shovel in order to dig the holes out. We filled them three-quarters of the way full with water Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning, they had only drained half the water that was in them. I must say, the hard work is going to pay off nicely; these roses will be beautiful!

We also widened both the beds in the back, planted a couple of lavendar plants (ringed with white marble chips), and added two containers for veggies (due to the unfriendliness of said soil). We should have lots of lovely heirloom tomatoes, as well as basil, peppers and spinach this summer. Hayes even decided he wanted a strawberry plant and spent his allowance on one! (Shades of Eleanor at 3.) We are hoping to get one more whiskey barrel for the far corner of the yard to be filled with annuals. But we were just too tired this weekend to get there!

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