Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back On Line!

After a LONG 2 1/2 weeks without my MacBook Pro, I am finally back on line! It feels like I can return to the land of the living once more. I may still have to address a RAM issue, but this seems like small potatoes compared to a logic board and LCD screen. Thank God for warranty protection!

I tried to stay busy without access to a computer. It was much harder than I imagined it would be. But I did have some time to mess around with my new camera and I am very pleased with the results. I had a beginners class to learn about several of the features. I feel so in control of my photos now! I have several "assignments" I want to complete before I take another class. It's awesome to be able to do things at my own pace.

I also started two trays of seeds while I was waiting around (and a tied up about a hundred other loose ends!). These are our veggies. They took off within a week! I am so anxious to get them in the ground!
It felt like spring might actually have arrived this weekend. We were running around without jackets on Sunday. But just like Indiana, we got another cold blast yesterday. Looks like the planting will have to wait another 3 weeks or so, just like the almanac said.

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