Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School

It's that time of year, when I think all people should be feeling the transition of school starting, summer ending and a hint that fall is just around the corner. We certainly are. 

Hayes will be at a new school this year. We hate to have left the school he was previously attending, but we just couldn't afford the tuition anymore. So Hayes will be in the public schools (a place where I left a little of my heart so many years ago) for second grade. 

We got a tour of the building today and were able to meet the principal and the assistant principal. I think it really made Hayes feel better. I know it made me feel good. He is of course excited about eating breakfast and lunch at school and about catching the bus. (I know, the things we cringe at now are so cool to our kids!) And the fact that they get to choose their specials on Friday is utterly cool. He is also excited that he may get to participate in some after school activities that we never had the money for last year. 

All in all I am feeling good about the switch. As long as Hayes can be convinced, we should be in good shape.

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Ket said...

What to say? I'm sorry you're losing the old, glad Hayes seems happy about the new, and relieved that you're... OK with it?

Here's the thing: Hayes is, well - Hayes (you know) - and you guys are the best parents he could have. He's going to thrive, I'm sure of it!

Only three more years for me to obsess about OUR public school odyssey...