Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good-bye to great memories

Pontiac is ending it's run. Due to the GM restructuring plan, the Pontiac brand shall be no more.

My grandfather made his livelihood on the line at Pontiac. He purchased a 1972 4-door Catalina straight off the assembly line. He babied that car and handed it down to my cousin and then to me and my sister. It was huge. It was baby poop brown. It could carry my sister's entire cheerleading squad to a game. It's hood was a favorite picnic and star-gazing spot. It went through gas like nobody's business - leaded gasoline at that. The seat was fixed in the furthest position from the wheel (thanks CJ!) and the button for the brights had to be pressed with your foot. And I loved that car. I called it the Brontosaurus. It was deserving. 

Good-bye Pontiac, and sweet dreams.

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Jody said...

So sad. How I loved that car, too. It will live on in the book (if it makes it to publication.) It's a character all it's own! Sweet, lovable, Howie.