Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Official (mostly)

You know the old joke, "how can you be kinda pregnant?" I think I have an answer to that. If you miscarried about 3 months ago, and then find out, lo and behold, you're pregnant again, it feels very nebulous. Like you're mostly pregnant; but you certainly don't want to go around saying things like, "We're having a baby!" Well, at least I didn't. Not for a while anyway.

But now I am 11 weeks into it and it looks like everything is exactly like a pregnancy should be. I've been sick and tired and they tell me this is good. (And really, I am glad, because I need a little a lot of reassurance that this is real and happening - every day.) I think I am over the sick part (mostly) but I'm pretty sure I'll be exhausted for the next two years. And I am starting to out-grow my clothes (mostly). And I have started to think (most of the time), at least to myself, that come February, we are having a baby. I've even started knitting for baby. So it must be true. We're having a baby. And mostly, I am really excited about it. But I would be lying if I didn't admit that there is a lurking little nagging feeling that pops up every now and then reminding me just how precarious and precious all of this really is.

So for now, I tell people that we are expecting. And that, I think, is exactly what we are doing.

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