Sunday, May 08, 2011

Best Mother's Day Ever

So, I didn't get to sleep in - but I DID get a baby who slept for 9 straight hours. I'll take it!

And even better than that (which is hard to do right now), I got to spend most of the afternoon in the backyard gardening! I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing and nurturing it is to my soul to get out into nature again. So the revised lists look like this:

Done Today:
  1. moved formerly shaded box to new very sunny location
  2. planted 8 tomato plants (will have to wait until freshly moved box is filled to plant the rest)
  3. weeded container on side of patio (which was FULL of taproots!) and planted a dozen Peruvian Wonderflowers.
  4. planted 4 sweet pepper plants
  5. continued to enlarge shade garden under pear trees to original size
  6. chopped out scores of dandelions from the back yard (thank you Richard!) by hand so as not to contaminate our yard (and food) with chemicals
  7. weeded garden area for the asters to get planted
Yet To Do:
  1. plant the asters
  2. plant the beans, butternut squash, and cukes
  3. plant to flowering fern tubers
  4. plant the Virginia Bluebells
  5. weed garden area under the bay window
  6. fill recently moved container with dirt (to arrive by Wednesday)
  7. enlarge garden by the maple tree to include blueberry bushes
  8. weed & spread mulch in said enlarged garden
  9. divide Stella d'Oro lilies and replant around mailbox
  10. find some purple and/or orange annuals to fill our empty flower pots
Not bad for a day's work. Hoping for some more sunny days to see this list dwindle. (Ok, to see it change. There will always be more to do in the garden, and that's just the way we like it!)

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