Tuesday, December 27, 2011

40 for 40

Wow, I haven't posted since September?? Yikes! I guess I have a baby around here!

As the calendar year is coming to an end, I have been contemplating this next year a bit more than usual. It's gonna be a biggie. In fact, I'm so looking forward to it, I feel like a kid about to become a teenager, or get my driver's license, or move into my own apartment. I'm gonna be 40 next year. I feel so lucky. It's a privilege that so many people don't get. And I want to be intentional about how I celebrate this fortieth year of my life. It's special.

Inspired by ESPN's 30 for 30 series, I decided to make a 40 for 40 list: 40 things I want to accomplish in my fortieth year. Some are small, some not so small. Some will be easy, some will take time. But I believe this is a reasonable list for a girl like me. And I honestly can't wait to get started! Once I made my list, I realized it fit into 4 categories: Go, Enjoy, Create & Reclaim. I didn't intend for that to be the case, it just happened. But I think that's a perfect mantra for the year. It suits me.

I toyed with how public I wanted this list to be, but then realized that if any of my friends and family wanted to participate with me in any of these adventures, that would make them even better. (And if you're struggling to find a birthday gift this year, why not choose something on the list and we'll do it together? I'd LOVE it.)

So here it is, Amy's 40 for 40 list:

Get ready, 40; here I come!

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Anonymous said...

I can certainly help you with the bubbly next time I see you! Mom H