Monday, January 09, 2012

New Tradition?

I hope so. I got this wild, crazy, amazing idea to knit Jack a new sweater every year for his birthday. Let's face it, the kid is growing like a weed, and when your birthday is in February, a sweater can come in mighty handy. And I'd have an entire month after the Christmas knitting to pull something together. Plus, at least for now, knitting a sweater for a baby is, well, not that intimidating. Especially when you can do it with no seams. I know! I give you the Basic Seamless Raglan Pullover pattern by Leisure Arts. For this sweater I used a number of yarns that I'd been collecting because I just couldn't help myself. (For those who need to know, it's Plymouth Encore Worsted.) I'm very pleased with the result, and it only took me a week to whip it up. Not too shabby. At that rate, I can at least keep up the tradition for a couple more years, right?

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