Sunday, November 05, 2006

We Have A Dog!

Her name is Jezzy; she's a whippet. We have her for a trial period of two weeks, which ends on the 17th of November. I am completely in LOVE with her. She's 6 years old, 18.5 inches tall, 24 lbs., loves to be pampered, and barks for almost no one.

We had been talking over the idea of a puppy with a local breeder, and while that didn't work out (the bitch is only having 3 puppies and the breeder is keeping them all), she mentioned that she had a 6-year-old for adoption to a local home. Imagine how exstatic we were that there was a full-grown, house-trained, former show dog available to us! So we piled into the van and the whole family went to meet her. We were nervous about Hayes's recation, but he was comfortable with her after just a few minutes. He even brushed her -- this was a very good omen. We had a family meeting that night and decided we wanted to bring her home and try her out.

What a great decision that was! She has been so good for the last two days. And she is certainly MY dog. I left her for the day, yesterday, to go to an all day crop, and upon my return she was overjoyed to see me! It was a fantastic welcome home. She's lovely and I can't say enough about her!


Bill Bean said...

Here's hoping the trial goes well otherwise buy the kleenex now.

Anonymous said...

I love her I love her I love her... She's a perfect Harrison dog!

Amy K