Sunday, October 29, 2006

Daylight Savings Time

Let's face it; there are two really great things about Daylight Savings Time: you get to play golf until 9:30 p.m. and the day you fall back. We all gripe and moan the day we lose that precious hour of sleep and spring forward. It's as if that one lost hour has sapped our last bit of strength, as if we can't go on without more sleep, as if we are not smart enough to remember to put not only our children to bed and hour early but also ourselves! Don't get me wrong, I do it as much as anyone else.

And then comes that glorious morning when all is right with the world and you get that fabulous, sweet hour back; you can sleep in, you can curl up and remember that today is the most precious day of all; you can drift off into sweet dreams. What you fail to remember is that children do not come with a DST setting and they don't realize that precious gift of this extra hour. And just like that, your treasured sleep flits off, like the dragonflies over the lake, one beautiful, great big tease. I'm going to need a nap today.

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Anonymous said...

A NAP -- Amen Sister! Matthew's internal clock naturally has him awake at 5:30am. So now that we have "fallen back" he is up at 4:30am. Yikes. It is only 8:00am and I already need a nap! I have no idea how to get him to SLEEP LATER! He is one little early bird who likes to get his worm! :)