Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Predictions

So here are the things I think I know about the new book to be released in 20 minutes:

1. Harry will be able to communicate with Dumbledore through his many protraits that are prolific in the wizarding community. After all, he is on Chocolate Frog Cards.

2. Dumbledore really is dead. He would not have preserved himself in a hoarcrux; it's too evil.

3. Snape was asked to kill Dumbledore, by Dumbledore himself, and that is what his protest in the forest was truely about. Notice that he didn't kill anyone in the escape from Hogwarts.

4. Harry will survive to the end of book 7.

5. Perhaps of no real plot value, but an interestin detail: the portrait in the prime minister's office is an Umbridge, I think.

6. Hogwarts will reopen by the end of the novel and Hermione will be asked to teach there.

7. Harry and Ginny will finally get back together and he will be part of the Weasly family, officially.

8. Has Percy been under the spell of the new Minister of Magic?

9. There is something unresolved, and I think important, with Fawkes the Pheonix. Remember that Harry and Voldermort both have a feather from the tail of this phoenix in the core of their wands. And remember that Neville got one of the last known Olivander wands - could it also contain one of these feathers? Will Fawkes come to Harry's rescue again?

That's all I've got. Can't wait to read all about it!!

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