Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

Ahh, September is upon us. The traveling has ended and the routine has begun. I am feeling it from my head to my toes, that tingly sensation that life does in fact have a rhythm. Oh yes, and that ache from actually going to pilates classes again.

I have been enjoying having time to prepare lessons for church, take a Photoshop Elements class, go workout, pick the beans and tomatoes that are still popping away in the garden.

Hayes seems to have transitioned beautifully to first grade this year, thank God. I was bracing myself after last year for a full 4-weeks-of-torture transition period. Sometimes a girl just gets lucky. It certainly helps to have a teacher who just wants the students "to develop a love of learning." This is what I am talking about! I think she is just unpredictable enough to keep the kids on their toes, and yet predictable enough to feel safe. That's a tightrope walk I just can't do.

I am genuinely happy. It actually took me by surprise to discover this about myself. I'm not knocking it, just pleasantly surprised. May it stay a while.

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