Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dodged a Bullet

1 down, more to go....

This morning my father went out to start his truck and noticed that I had a flat on the van. Lovely. This sort of thing always seems to happen when Richard is away, naturally. So I borrowed my mom's car to take the boy to school and on the way home I called AAA to come and tow me to the Big O Tires in the Burg. The stars must be aligned in my favor, because AAA was here in 20 minutes (not the 1.5 hours they had suggested on the phone); they were able to pump up the tire so I could drive it myself to the Big O; there was no wait at the tire shop; and get this -- they didn't even charge me to take out the screw! 

Perhaps this seems like a normal, run-of-the-mill occurrence to some. But to me, this was a modern day miracle! I never seem to catch a break like this. So let's hope it lasts. Is it possible that this weekend could hold the same for me?

As I said, Richard is out of town and is scheduled to arrive home tomorrow. Sure enough, there is a winter storm on it's way tonight. It could play havoc with the schedule. And of course, I have scheduled a "girls weekend" beginning on Friday. Then there is the low rumbling (like thunder in the distance) that is Hayes when his dad is away. Will he be able to make it until Friday without a major explosion? What if we have a snow day? Last but not least I found a small lump in my breast. I am sure it's nothing, but I have to go get my boob smashed tomorrow to be sure. Fun times. Here's to hoping it all goes as well as my tire experience did this morning.

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tdillon said...

Funny, how good news and bad news lie together. We can't make it alone, and, thank all that is good, we--I--don't have to. I do wish I knew what news is in the little lump report. My sister tells me I turned 55 the day before you wrote this latest story. I am thinking about how often you two have made me dodge bullets.