Monday, September 29, 2008

Stop traveling to catch my breath? Moi?

Yes, it's true; right on the heels of a fabulous trip to wine country, I took off with my dad and the boy to see my cousins in Michigan. It was one last hurrah before the summer officially ended. We spent Saturday at the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Empire Park. It was a perfect day & the kids had a blast!

Unfortunately all that sand had to go somewhere, and despite a thorough cleaning in the outdoor shower, we just didn't get rid of it all. Hayes wound up with some of it in his eye. After a quick trip to the ER, he came away with a corneal abrasion and some eye drops. He was a good little patient, but it was so hard not to rub that eye! No harm, no foul. Just some good clean- well maybe not so clean - fun, and loads of sand.

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Matthew said...

OMG! When did thes happen today or yesterday? I am so sorry! All that rolling around....