Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Fever

Here we are again at the beginning of March. I can smell the dampness of the earth, feel the change in the wind, and I am aching to get out there and set up the garden. Alas, it's too early. The almanac says I need to wait.

So I've channelled that energy into a new collage - it's still a work in progress, but it certainly has to do with spring. I'm hoping to create a series based on the concept of nesting. My folks christened their cottage The Nesting Place. It fits us in so many ways. That was also part of my inspiration for this. I'll give you a peek at the current work:

We'll have to see how they look, but I can see a nest of shredded money, a nest of fibers, a magpie roost, all sorts of things. I'll be setting aside some work days soon. Come on spring!

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