Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Trip

We are headed up to see my sister tomorrow. It's officially spring break and Hayes said he really just wanted to go to Chelsea. I love that kid! So tomorrow he and I will take a little trip up to MI to see our girls. I realized about an hour ago that could mean snow. Gads! So I'll be packing all sorts of layers for the boy and me, and certainly that lovely poncho, to stay warm. 

Ironically several of our plants arrived from Spring Hill today - including our new wisteria (the picture to the left - Blue Moon Reblooming)! and a blueberry bush (the Northland variety)! Can't wait for the other blueberry bushes to arrive from Gurneys. I just love spring! We've got to get the shallots and spinach out this week too. And start the lettuce. It's so good to be back in the swing of the garden. I can almost smell the earth right now.

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Ket said...

I am gardening vicariously through you... (sigh).