Thursday, June 03, 2010

First Fair Isle Knitting Project

I'm a big fan of happy accidents. They are not always so fun when they happen, but once resolved, they are, well, happy. I purchased some sock yarn several months ago, in order to make the most adorable argyle socks ever. (If you are a knitter, Glenna's blog is definitely worth putting in your reader.) Upon working the gauge in this particular yarn (which was clearly marketed as sock yarn), I discovered that it will never knit up to the gauge required, never. This can be extremely disappointing when it is the only knitting you have packed for a 7-hour road trip (thanks Knit Picks!). So the most adorable argyle socks will just have to wait a while.

In a funk, I started looking through my Ravelry queue, and remembered how smitten I am with these mittens:

I've never tackled a fair isle project before, but wouldn't you know, the yarn I have is exactly what this pattern calls for! From funk to fabulous just like that. So now I have the coolest bird nest mittens in the world to work on for the next Michigan trip (departing this weekend). And I am sure they will prove to be quite a challenge, hopefully a happy one.

Now, to make sure I have all the supplies I'll need on hand before we leave....

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Ket said...

So fun -- and too cute! I'm sure you'll have a great time making them. I can't wait to see. : )

Have a great time in Michigan!