Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Secret Trip Bag

SHHH! We are taking our kid on a super secret trip tomorrow. You'll never guess where. I've been super-secretly bursting with excitement for a month! As such, I needed a way to channel my energies without spending all our money prior to arrival :) So without further ado, I give you my WDW Bag:

I designed it myself. Because, while there are many, many things The Dis can do for a dedicated fan like me, try as I might, I never can find the perfect bag. I realize this is a very personal need, so I decided to make one for myself.

First of all, it had to be cute. Cute in that I'm-a-hip-momma-and-I-love-me-some-Mickey-Mouse kind of way. So when I found this adorable Heather Ross canvas (Far Far Away II series) I knew it was the fabric I needed. (Isn't it a fantastic coincidence that Disney is releasing Tangled this Thanksgiving?)

Secondly, it had to hold my Passporter, my Nikon DX40 (protected from other trinkets), my pressed penny books, maps, tickets, pressed pennies, a water bottle and sunscreen (so they don't get other things wet), my refillable mug, cell phone, and an XL sweatshirt. And of course, I didn't want anything bulky. So this is my design, and I am damn proud of myself.

(the map, ticket and pressed penny pockets on the outside for quick access)

(the roomy, and divided, interior)

(the back, and a great view of the print)

(the side mesh pockets for water and sunscreen)

I am in love with this baby! I'll let you know how the trip goes. I may not sleep tonight!


Jamie Hatfield said...

Beautiful bag! I'd pay good money for one of those babies. Have a FABULOUS TIME! What a terrific surprise :D

Ket said...

The Heather Ross -- the Heather Ross! I've been eyeing that series for awhile now... perfect for the four-year-old girl set, don't you think? Did you find it locally (if so, where?!) or buy online?

Oh and yes: The bag is fantastic. Love it! I know you guys will have a fantastic time. Enjoy!

Amy H said...


I ordered online as I wanted the canvas and it was oh-so-difficult to find! But I know a certain lovely little girl with fabulous hiking boots who totally needs something made from the Far Far Away series. :)

Michelle said...

Adorable! I hope that you are having a wonderful trip. I am so envious of your sewing talents. Alas, I was not gifted in that area and SO wish I was. Love, love, love the bag.

The Lahti Family said...

LOVE IT! How can we get one! :)

Hope you guys had a great trip!

Roberta said...

Do you have a Patter for the bag. Would love to make one. Help quick. Leaving in 3 weeks.

Roberta said...

I meant Pattern.