Tuesday, December 07, 2010

French Press Felted Slippers

As I may have mentioned, I think these are the cutest darn slippers EVER. And indeed, they have become MY slippers. Perhaps next year I can knit up a slew of them and gift them to my lovely family & friends :). They are incredibly quit to knit up and I was even able to get them to felt up in the front-loader. No hand felting was necessary. And just in time too - our temperatures have taken a deep dive this week.

I used Cascade 220 (don't remember the specific color), which is so economical and so yummy. I did a single crochet trim and used some more of Grandmom's fantastic vintage buttons. Amazingly, I still have half a jar full of those buttons to use! I think these little knights were just too fun to keep in the jar.


The Lahti Family said...

You made these????? You amaze me! Wow...awesome!

Amy said...

you are so freaking talented! Is there anything you can't make? :) I love them!!

Amy K