Saturday, July 30, 2005

Collage & the Muse

You know, sometimes a collage just jumps out of my head and I love how it looks. The Button Workers Saturday Night is one such piece. I must have finished this one in less than 3 hours. Highly unusual for me. I was inspired by 1.) James Taylor's song "Millworker" 2.) the Cafe Martin replica poster hanging in our bedroom and 3.) the dressmakers tissue on the background. And it came out just as perfectly as I had imagined it. So satisfying.

On the other hand, I can moodle and rummage and finally get a half-baked idea to work itself out, and, in the end, I am still not happy. Mermaid Encounter, specifically is what I refer to here. (I'll post a scan once I fing the digital camera cord!) How can this happen? It looks so amateurish and unfinished; is it really art? It certainly looks poor. Is it the ethereal photo I used? Is it the glitter? But I was so sure the glitter was going to be awesome. It worked on another collage really well. Maybe it's the frame -- I've been trying to find just the thing for that frame for months. Still nothing. Grrrr. I suppose it happens to the best, but it still frustrates me that I spent almost all day putting it together, trying this and that, and this is the end result. Damn that muse -- what is she doing when this happens? It must be cocktail hour somewhere.


Sereena X said...
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melody said...

Excellent collage artwork. I hope you continue to do the entire constitution. You've got a fantastic start. This is inspiring. Thanks.
melody in georgia