Sunday, July 31, 2005

So Long George


Thanks to Amy K and her ingenious blog, I now have a new countdown clock on my blog too. Jody -- I know you want one! When I was practically inconsolable after the last election Richard spoke these words of comfort: There can only be 4 more years and then he is done for good; it's why we have term limits. And it does give me hope to see that trem expressed in days and hours and minutes. It won't be forever will it? With the state of our country I just don't think we can afford to have another presidency like this one. We need someone with a global perspective that does not include killing people for oil (despite one's hippocrytical stand on the value of life); someone who will see that global warming and the lack of health care in the country are far more dangerous than the threat of terrorism. Ok, that's enough for ranting for today. I like the hopful little clock on the sidebar.

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