Friday, October 14, 2005

Never Say Never

So they say truth is stranger than fiction; I believe it more and more the older I get. I will update about Paris, but this was far to strange to leave off till later.

Upon arriving home, my mom met me with the news that my Grandmother's husband was leaving her and going back to Florida to "be with his family." Let me set this up for you: this is the side of my family that feeds on drama. Soap Operas are written about them, not for them. But this little bit of news was so far from anything I had expected it knocked me for a loop.

These two people are in their 80s. He is not altogether there -- not dementia really, more like stupid is as stupid does. They recently moved out of the house they were living in (with my aunt and her family--another long story) and into an assisted living facility. The best I can gather is that there was a fight about who should say thank you for what and the elder couple moved out 2 weeks later. This caused my aunt to have to file for bankruptcy. Now that the old coot has moved back to "his family" (as if he was never part of the family here?) my grandmother will be, you guessed it, moving back in with the same aunt she was living with a mere month ago.

I have to say that I feel very sorry for my Grandmother. She is obviously hurt and I don't wish that on her. But the ridiculous nature of this is beyond me. Who knew that 80-year-olds went through the effort of getting divorced?? Unreal.

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