Thursday, October 06, 2005

Off to Paris

I am done with Heidelberg. I think I have walked the Hauptstraß at least half a dozen times. I am not saying that I wouldn't come back to Germany, but I am saying I have seen all there is to see in Heidelberg and I am anxious to move on to Paris. T minus 62 minutes and counting! We take the overnight train tonight. I am feeling glad to be going where I understand half of the language and can get by on my own. I felt like an idiot having to ask for English all the time here. Oh well. I hope to see the Unicorn Tapestries and do some shopping at the Galleries de Lafayette -- both of which we missed while there the last time. Maybe St. Chapelle too. We are booked for a river cruise on Saturday. That should be the icing on the cake!
Will check in when we get home.

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