Friday, April 06, 2007


A week ago we were out golfing. We played our first round since last fall. It felt good. I got my first farmer's tan of the year (certain not to be my last) and I remembered why I desperately want that King Cobra off-set driver with the men's shaft. I out-drove my dad twice! Hayes and his dad planted some flowers in the front, the coyotes were scavenging behind the house, and all our bulbs were happily sunning themselves.

And this week, it has been like the return of February. Certainly no golf. No more planting for a bit. The bulbs have survived as has the Magnolia, which was not fully open yet, but damn! It's cold! And Jezzy can't for the life of her figure out what happened to the sun. We hear that our neice and nephew in Baltimore may actually have an Easter Egg hunt in snowsuits. I realize that it is only April, but I am ready for the return of spring.

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