Sunday, May 17, 2009

Perfect Sunday

I know I've mentioned this before (about a hundred times), but, I love to garden. I love this time of year because everything is constantly changing and blooming and leafing. We have blossoms on the squash plants already and blossoms on the tomatoes. The carrots have awakened and the onion stems are thickening by the minute. The peonies are gorgeous and the iris are showing off like crazy. I keep waiting for the cucumbers to grow their tiny vines and reach out for the the trellis. 

Today, I spent most of the day removing the grass and clay for our winding path. We reclaimed some slate from a re-roofing project and I am finally satisfied with the layout of our path, so the digging has commenced. I am loving it! Not just the digging, but the fact that we are reusing these materials, and that I am creating something, yet again, in my haven of a backyard. I'll certainly post photos of the finished product, but for now, these may tide you over.

(This one is through the screen in our upstairs window - forgive the weird pattern)


Monica said...

Love it! Where is your path going to and from. I have such visions for my backyard. Sean and I dug a large section of it out a few years ago and mulched it with plans of doing great things. I would love a fish pond, a bench and lots of native flowers. Not going to happen this year, though.

Amy H said...

The path leads from the blueberries (the side yard) to the patio we put in last summer. Hopefully it will define a new bed. The IMA has really great help for finding and planting native plants. My friend Becky has used them to help her with her former pool area. Good luck!