Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Reading

It's the start of summer. Never mind that my child still has a week of school left. We went to the lake, the 500 Race was run, and the temps soared into the 80s. It's summer.

And the start of summer means summer book lists. Oh how I love to stack books on my bedside table and pack them in my "ditty bag" for trips. (Yeah, it's a term left over from my days of traveling as a child - you have one too, I'm sure. It's the bag you DON'T pack in the trunk, but keep next to you so you have all the goodies you'll need for the trip. Mine usually has my knitting and my books in it. But I digress.) And lately I've been on a travel and food kick with my summer reading. Here's what I have stocked up on so far:

(ok, so I know this is more of a cookbook, but it's time to think about these things. The harvest is coming sooner than you think. It always does.)

(I ordered this last winter and never got around to reading it. I'm hopeful that I can dig in this summer. I dare say, my child may be the last child in the woods.)

Ahhh.... the pace of life is so much better in the summer. Yeah, we usually schedule ourselves silly, but they are the things we love and that invigorate us. Not the doldrums of the rest of the year. And books are always a large part of it. I'm ready.

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