Sunday, May 10, 2009


Things I am doing lately:

  • attending ball games with Hayes - don't get me started on how we are not learning the fundamentals of the game...
  • scrapping my trip with Amy to CA last September - and thinking that another trip is in order
  • knitting golf club head covers for my dad for father's day
  • preparing for a week of summer camp 
  • knitting a wrap for Grandmom's 90th birthday
  • laying out a path of slate in the backyard - and realizing (with some delight) the on-going project we have ahead of us
  • catching up with friends - so so good
  • sleeping with the windows open - such a lovely thing
  • having my son evaluated for ADD - we shall see what comes of it
  • anticipating & planning our summer trips to the shore and the lake - mostly with joy and excitement

1 comment:

Ket said...

I was thinking of you and your slate just the other day, & wondering how that project was coming along. Photos, if you please!