Monday, November 23, 2009

The Damned United

I don't get out much. At least not in the let's-have-a-date-without-the-kids sort of way. Honestly, I'd rather rent a movie and sit on my own (very comfortable) sofa with my beloved husband and share a bottle of (good) wine.

But on occasion, I do manage to get out and see a flick. And it was a fluke that I saw this one at all. My girlfriends and I had intended to see The Men Who Stare At Goats. And I will see that one, eventually, because I have never laughed so hard at a trailer before - ever. But (as I am usually disorganized) we had the time wrong and the movie was already 15 minutes in by the time we arrived at the box office. We were heartily disappointed, but we elected to see The Damned United instead. It's not like we were going to waste an evening out. No siree. And you know, we were very pleasantly surprised.

I'm not a soccer fan. Not really. I couldn't even tell you what the positions are or the where they are supposed to play. But I do live with a football fan (the proper terminology in the rest of the world) and that experience alone was enough for me to grasp the hype played out in this movie. It was great. I actually started rooting for the arrogant son-of-a-bitch Brian Clough. Not in that Karate-Kid-stand-up-and-yell-at-the-end-of-the-movie way, but because he was the very picture of human nature. Perfectly played.

I would recommend seeing this one for sure. If for no other reason than to see Michael Sheen as a footballer. He is so versatile. I saw him as the Prime Minister in The Queen several years ago and loved him in that role as well. Start popping the popcorn.

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