Monday, November 16, 2009

Lovely Little Surprise

I may have mentioned before that although I consider myself a gardener, and love to put up food for the winter, I am not exactly a "neat" gardener. I rarely trim back the tomatoes or weed the beds after the plants are safely underway. I harvest when I can and try to keep it producing. I know, it's not like The Victory Garden in our backyard. Make no mistake, this is not an apology. It's simply the state of things. I'm quite happy with it.

So you can imagine my surprise, as I went to clean up some of the veggie beds (yes, I know it's mid November) and came across these lovely herbs, just plugging their way along through the autumn winds and rain.

And the timing is actually quite nice. I'm not in the thick of summer activities and canning tomatoes and freezing beans until my mind is numb. So I was able to take the time to dry some of this lovely oregano this afternoon.

And I fully intend to get to that sage and thyme and parsley too. Who knows, it might end up in one or two of our holiday baskets.

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