Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oh My Gloves!

I know a young lady, who, when she was a tot, was heard to say Oh My God! Her mother let her know that "God" is a very special name and we don't want to just toss it around like it's any old name. (This precious conversation was going on in a big box store to which I seem addicted.) At that precise moment, mother and daughter were passing a large display of gloves. The young girl looked at the gloves, and then her mother, and querried, "Can I say Oh My Gloves!?"

I love that story (& that beautiful girl!) and to this day I use the phrase "Oh My Gloves" because it makes me smile every time. And more to the point, I am knitting a pretty fabulous pair of gloves right now. (And if I may, I have to say the bamboo/acrylic blend yarn from Caron is so beautiful once it's all knit up.)

I was certainly daunted by the prospect of knitting all those individual fingers, but at the same time fascinated by how they all come to be. After all, if I can turn the heel of a sock, surely I can make those fingers! And, I can . . . even if I do have to read the instructions aloud to myself. So far, so good, but in truth, I can't imagine doing this same thing for the left hand! Won't all the instructions be in reverse? It'll be interesting...

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