Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sleepwalker Socks

I have been busily knitting this summer, even if the posting has been a little lacking. I wanted to share these socks with you because I absolutely adore them and would love to knit up an entire week's worth! Who knows, it could still happen. Personally, I think socks are the best sort of vacation knitting: light, portable and quick. What could be better?

I wish I knew what yarn this was, but when the ball was wound, the tag didn't get tucked in, so it's only a guess to say I think it was Blue Heron something or other. I found it at Frivolous Fibers in St. Michaels, MD. Probably not so helpful. Sorry. But the pattern is available by Dream In Color at Webs and they have a very similar yarn there. I was concerned that this would be a slow and difficult pattern, but it's not a true cable and the pattern was rather simple. I really enjoyed making these.

And it's almost sock weather; ahhh. I'll be needing something to cover the Birkenstock tan I've deepened this summer!

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