Friday, August 06, 2010

Virgin Harvest: The Onions

This year we decided to try onions. Walla Wallas to be exact. Never having tried these, I was not sure what to expect. Would it be worth all the space in the garden? I ordered the starts the spring and they looked like little soldiers all lined up. But just give them a couple months and see what they will do!

We wound up with over 2 dozen onions - and boy are they sweet! I even learned to braid them, but quickly ran out of room to hang them, so reverted to the onion bags. Holy cow these onions are big! And fragrant. The entire pantry smells of onions, and if I weren't so pregnant I am sure it would smell heavenly. At the moment, however, I have to hold my breath when I go in there. Nevertheless, I will not be deterred from eating them. They are delish!

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Michelle said...

Your onion harvest looks marvelous!! Your thoughts on the 'odor' in the pantry reminded me of the smells that made my stomach turn while I was pregnant. Oh yuck! It was an awful icky feeling. I too was pregnant during late summer, through fall and had both boys in February. One on Feb. 14th and one on Feb. 2nd, to be exact. We hit BOTH the holidays that month, go figure! Anywho, I remember vividly that the smell of burning leaves made me toss my cookies every time! I love autumn, but during my pregnancies I HATED autumn!

Enjoy an onion for me!