Sunday, September 19, 2010

When It Rains...

Rain. It's a rare commodity in these parts. We're way below the norm and our poor garden is so sad. So today, when I heard the rain outside, my heart soared. Never mind that my headache was a combination of the weather and muscle tension. It was good to have the rain. And then I heard the sound of the sprinkler against the sliding glass door. I heard the the neighborhood kids giggling and screaming and thought it was delightful that they were having so much fun in the rain. It was about time.

And then I heard the sound again. It was coming from the garage. I opened the door to find my child with the hose in hand drenching the other kids in the garage. I was stunned. Who does that?!? The neighbor kids made themselves scarce with a quickness. After chewing my son up and spitting him back out, we assessed the damages together. Half the garage was soaked; some of my art work, some antique furniture, all the sporting equipment, the new crib, him, all of it wet. I was overwhelmed. How could he have thought this was ok?!?

My head was throbbing, my heart was aching and I saw my entire week vanishing into this oblivion of garage cleaning damage control. I came inside to throw some dinner in the oven and calm down. I looked at the dog and screamed, "Can it get any worse?" She promptly threw up. Apparently she ate some pasta with red sauce at some point today. Perfect.


Athena said...

Oh, my dear friend, how horrid. If there is any lesson to be learned it is that one should never ask "can it get any worse?"

I have asked that same question and received an answer to that in spades.

May everything dry quickly.

Monica said...

Oh my. I think I would have flipped my lid as well. Hopefully today will be a much better day.

Michelle said...

Having two boys of my own, experiencing numerous "such" occasions, I've asked the same question and received a resounding "yes, things can and will get worse!" reply. I don't envy you the task of clean up. But, I can completely relate!

I sure hope today has turned out far better than yesterday.