Saturday, November 06, 2010

Proof of Pregnancy (4)

It was bound to happen. It did the last time. At least this time I was ready for it. The inevitable swelling of my extremities has taken up residence for what I can only assume will be the remainder of my pregnancy (three months and counting). I've always been prone to swelling, but my body particularly takes issue with pregnancy it seems. My short little fingers feel like overstuffed sausages, and my feet refuse to fit in anything but my Birks (which I love, by the way). And the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is slowly creeping into my wrists. It makes knitting a little less enjoyable.

Happily, (thanks to my amazing yoga instructor) I've found a little something that helps: Coconut Water. It's packed with potassium and eleventy-million other nutrients that seem to keep the swelling at bay. I will admit, it's a bit difficult to choke down on its own. It comes from under-ripe coconuts and it tastes like it. But mixing it with a bit of OJ (ok, a lot of OJ) makes it palatable enough to drink and does wonders for the extremities. I've been able to find it at our local Trader Joe's, but I understand most health food stores carry it as well. We'll see how long it works, but for now, I can knit on (and sew, and bake, and...).

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