Tuesday, May 31, 2005



We know that summer has begun when we begin migrating to the lake. My folks have a summer home and a BEAUTIFUL piece of property in Northern Michigan. That's right -- just about 7 hours north of Indy. It's a long haul, especially for Hayes. Although we purchased a DVD player for the van which has been a life saver. Yesterday, on the long ride home, we put in one of Hayes's favorite DVDs: Fantasia 2000. He's the only 3 year old I know who goes around singing Beethoven's 5th. About halfway through the video, it starts to skip, or rather pause and pick up again. It's in random places but fairly regular. Hayes wanted to know what it was doing. Richard told him it was hiccupping. That seemed to make sense to him. The next time it paused into silence, Hayes hiccupped. Every time it paused (about every 2 or 3 minutes) Hayes hiccupped. We got to laughing so hard Hayes told us to be quiet, he couldn't hear his music! So literal ... we may just have an Emily on our hands.

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