Thursday, August 25, 2005

Over 53 years of Friendship

Tonight I had dinner with my favorite people. I know it's not nice to say that in front of other people, but the truth is, I love them most and best. They are the people I choose and I choose them consitently. They love me because I am me and never expect me to change for them, and yet they never seem to freak out if I do decide to change, as long as I do it for me. And I feel exactly the same about them.

We covered the gamut tonight in conversation too; all the things you are never supposed to talk about, we did: religion, politics, criminal histories, and some other things like moose, school and crushes. We figured out that among us we have 54 years of friendship, just with each other. I can only hope for more. The martinis were free (and free-flowing) and the food was out of this world. I think I am officially changing my Meyers-Briggs score to ENFP instead of my previous INFP -- I am so energized and high from being with friends that I can't possibly sleep right now.

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erin said...

and i'm proud to say that one of those ppl was my i'm directly connected...haha