Saturday, August 06, 2005



The last four days have been a whirlwind! Today is Hayes' 4th birthday. We had a Thomas the Tank Engine Party Thursday with 7 kids and their respective adults. I was simultaneously enjoying their antics and extremely thankful that this only happens once a year! If you've never watched the kids you love gather around an elephant that shoots butterflies out of his trunk, well my friend, you have never lived. I love my nieces, and it goes without saying that I think my own child is brilliant and entertaining, but when the 3 of them get together, there is this synergy that sort of explodes into peals of laughter and very noisy feet. It's wonderful to watch, but you have to be up for it. Little sleep and anxiety are not the right combination for it. Thankfully, I think they were rather oblivious to any adult irritation with them. I love having them here, I really, really do.

I saw my dad this morning and he is doing well. We actually walked a mile together; I am so impressed with his determination to make this work. We also found out that he can have one of his pain meds (he's on 2) every hour. I think this will be helpful. It appears that the pain is the worst thing for him right now. We are hoping that he will get to come home tomorrow, although they still weren't sure this morning. In fact, while we were walking the halls this morning, we ran into another patient who had surgery yesterday morning (the same time as dad). She was excited that she is going home today. My dad said, "Not me; I think I'll stay a little longer." And you know, I think he should. It is my personal theory that one should never be anxious to leave the place where they will wait on you hand and foot.

I think Hayes and I will be off to see him in another hour or so. He said he's like to see the kids if they'll come. I think he's a bit lonely without someone there. Mom has been there for several hours today and Jody will have been by with the kids; Richard is going up to watch "the game" (that would be the Colts) with him tonight. At least they have an open-ended visiting policy on the Bariatric floor -- the hours for visiting are unlimited.

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