Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Playing Dominoes

When I was little, I used to build these long trails of dominoes standing on end. If I did it right, I wouldn't knock over any until the last one was in place and then, at the very end, I would tip the las one into the next-to-last one and they would all go tipping down. You probably did this too. I had no idea this was simply my training for adulthood.

I have been wanting to get my studio looking professional. It's functional now, but the pell-mell nature of it makes me feel unsettled. I'll admit it, I love the matchy-matchy and I hate to bring clients into my current space. So I decided that I want to put in some custom cabinetry and move my dad out (love you dad!). Dad was agreeable and Richard needs a space too, so after much mental gymnastics we decided that the playroom would be the best space to convert for an office/man cave. Except, now we had to find another place for all of Hayes's toys, which naturally flowed into his room and closest and where will all the stuff currently in his closet go? Are you following this? The long and the short of it is that if I want to have a studio update, I have to get these other two spaces arranged first: Dominoes.

In the course of two days, and with the help of my only too eager mom, we have Hayes's closet cleaned out, the laundry room reorganized (because we had to put some of that stuff somewhere, didn't we?), Hayes's room and closet reoganized and the playroom emptied of its toys. Whew! The last painter is coming to give an estimate for the stairwell, playroom/man room, and hallway tomorrow. Once we have decided who to go with, the couch -- the beast -- will be the next thing to go. Like I said: Dominoes.

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