Saturday, October 07, 2006

On Being Creative

I have been working really hard to meet my monthly goals for work. I have this huge show in Chicago in December and I have visions of having loads of books to sell (because they sell like hot cakes there). And while I have been diligently putting out books, they continues to sell here. Some are on consignment, some went at show, and my inventory numbers just don't seem to rise the way I thought they would. This causes me to go into over drive and push myself even harder. Good for the business woman in me, bad for the artist in me.

So I realized this week that a.) my goal numbers for the number of books per month was too high while still attending shows - what a surprise! and b.) if I don't let my muse out on a regular basis, she will come out by storm.

I spent this entire week doing completely creative things. I read a new book about patterns and textures; I created a completely whimsical collage that I will post later; I firmed up my design for a quilt square I am donating; and I scrapbooked two different days, longing to get more in. All in all, I think it was a fabulous way to spend the week.

So this weekend is dedicated to selling art in Columbus, OH and then I am home again, home again to start making more books. I feel ready to get back to them and more energized about them. Funny how that works. It's just like exercise: I know I feel so good afterward, but I find a million reasons not to do it. We humans are so goofy.

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