Monday, October 09, 2006

Who Would Have Thought?

I have decided that I need a dog. I would like to say that I want a dog, but really, I think I might need one. I don't really intend for the dog to be a family pet. If that happens, that would be devine, but I fully intend for it to love me best. I want the snuggles and the constant companion. As Richard noted, perhaps it would be good for me to have at least one person in the house who obeys me! I realize that this living, breathing creature will have a mind of it's own, but I want a pet all my own and it just must be a dog.

So as I have been investigating this need, it seems that the whippet would be a good fit for our family. I like the description of "constant companion." I like that they do not tend to bark a lot. I like it that they travel well. I like the size and the coat. I like it that they are called "velcro dogs." I even think I will like the walking of my special pet. So, I am undertaking the search for a rescued dog, or at least, a reputably bred dog. (And the bark park fees, and a good vet, etc., etc.) Bring on the love.

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