Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eat, Pray, Love

I just finished reading this enchanting book. Only one third of it is related at all to eating (my summer reading theme, as you may recall) and then, scantily. Even so, it's well worth the read. Although Elizabeth Gilbert is not an author I know well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this memoir. Although I am no Buddhist, I related intimately to her spiritual quest. And although my lover is no Brazillian, I knew exactly what she means when she writes that his love knows no bounds. I was surprised that this little book lived up to the hype it is currently receiving. You should read it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you...I have a trip to the library planned for this week. I shall take you up on your recommendation! :)


Ket said...

so funny! i picked this book up a week ago but haven't opened it up yet & a friend of mine at work mentioned today that she started reading it last night.

now i have to get on the stick and get to reading!