Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Reading Done!

So I loved having a reading theme this summer. I am sure I will do it again. It forced me to read some books I wouldn't have picked up otherwise, and I really enjoyed reading. Speaking of which, do you have any ideas for my next reading theme? I gained a little weight this summer with all my food related books :) I am leaning heavily toward a sports theme, but I could still be swayed. Art seems like a plausible theme, although I have read all the historical fiction about paintings and tapestries that I want to for a while...

The last two food books were less enjoyable than the others. Return to Paris, by Colette Rossant, was a sad read. She regretted having to be in Paris; it was only the food that got her through. I wouldn't recommend it. And A Bottle Of Rum: The History Of The New World In Ten Cocktails was drier that a bottle of rum. Even with mojito in hand, I just couldn't get through all the boring history of the new world. I thought there would be more of the history of rum, and frankly, I thought that would be more exciting. I'll just stick to my cocktails.

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