Friday, April 17, 2009


Where to begin? My child has had issues at school this year; more this year than ever before. He can't focus, doesn't follow directions, gets lost between tasks. The list goes on. I've tried to be an educated parent, an advocate for my child and staunchly opposed to labeling my kid with ADD/ADHD. I know too well the disdain with which teachers treat "those" kids. The teacher has been lobbying long and hard to see if we can't "do more" for him. I see this as code for "get him on meds." I've been in tears more than once about this whole endeavor. I've been angry and worried and ready to yank him from school to educate him myself.

Her persistence finally wore me down. 

We are seeing a specialist next week to discuss what we are seeing in our boy and set up a series of evaluations for him. I feel good about the person we are going to see. He's not connected to the school, so I feel like he won't be unduly influenced by the teacher's observations. He comes highly recommended by our pediatrician -- & I trust our pediatrician with my life. Our first appointment is just with the doc and the parents. I like these things a lot. But today, the whole thing is weighing on me. 

This parenting thing is such a moving target.

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Monica said...

Amy, I hope you are able to get the answers you need. You're right, parenting is no easy task.

Last weekend I went to a convention and heard Dr. Stephan Guffanti speak on learning styles/kinesthetic learners vs. ADHD. I thought you might find some of his information helpful. Here's a link to get you started